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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An Airport Encounter

So I'm going to try a little blogging again.  I'm still going to try to focus on the bottom line issue in any criminal case and that is - what's a client's exposure to jail.  But I'll also try and make this blog more about the day-to-day practice of criminal law.  I run a small firm dedicated to quality representation of individuals charged with serious, complex criminal cases in state and federal court.  I'm running this firm in the midst of the worst economic times in a generation.  It's not an easy task.  I know there are lots of other lawyers out there in the same boat.

In addition, I know there are people out there, regular everyday people, who get investigated and even charged with crimes they didn't have anything to do with.  I had the great good fortune to meet a guy who had been caught up in the federal criminal justice system out in Los Angeles.  Our return flight from L.A. was delayed and he and I chatted about what an unbelievable nightmare it is to get charged with a federal crime.  It was really good for me to listen to him rank on the prosecutor, the judge, the system and his lawyer.  Sometimes, in the press of running a business, you can lose sight of what a dreadful, terrifying ordeal it is to face any kind of criminal charge.

My new friend sent me "Three Felonies A Day - How the Feds Target The Innocent" by renowned criminal defense attorney Harvey Silverglate.  I promise, after I finish studying for the Florida Bar, I'm gonna read it.  He also sent along a nice note complimenting my listening skills and what he viewed as compassion.  But it was really his insights that made my day.

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